Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016

On the Viability of Renewable Energies


Dear friends,

For some years in the past, I more or less withdrew from the debate/discussion on the above subject. We were not making any progress. The optimists continued repeating like a religious mantra ("100% renewables") that in 20-30 years all energy needs of human society will be (can be) supplied through renewables. No arguments of the skeptics like me were being taken seriously. I gave up, saying "Just wait another 10 years! By then the issue will have been decided." I started saying that about five years ago. But already now it appears that the optimists are no longer so sure as before. From an article published by Ugo Bardi, a member of the Club of Rome, I gather that more and more people, even experts, are expressing their skepticism. So I again joined the debate. I have now posted my interventions in the form of a blog entitled

    Once More on the Viability of Renewable Energies

on my blogsite

I hope you would find it interesting. I would also request you to distribute it among similarly interested political activists.

With best wishes
Saral Sarkar

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