Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2017

Giving Rights to Trees, But Forgetting the Forests


Dear friends,

you have seen that in my last blog I have commented on a rather abstract question, namely whether a river really becomes a "
juristic/legal person/living entity" simply because a judge of a court declares it to be so. And I have also commented on the question of the practical significance of the court ruling for real environmental protection.
    In today's blog I have commented on
another such abstract discussion in the same google discussion group (in which the rights of rivers discussion took place), namely  on the rights of individual non-human living beings like animals, e.g. chimpanzees, or even trees.

    I have posted it on my blog site

under the title

Giving Rights to Trees, But Forgetting the Forests

I hope you would find it interesting and request you to forward it to politically interested friends and eco-activists.

With best wishes

Saral Sarkar

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