Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017

What is Eco-Socialism? Who is an Eco-Socialist?


Dear friends,

A few days ago I read an interview that Prof. John Bellamy Foster had given to a leftist journal. Prof. Foster is a renowned American Marx scholar and a leading eco-socialist theoretician. Among other things, he expressed in the interview his high regard for Ms. Naomi Klein, who had, 2–3 years ago, published a best-seller entitled This Changes Everything –Capitalism vs. the Climate. Prof. Foster also said: "
She is aligned with eco-socialism". Richard Smith, another leading American eco-socialist theoretician, took this rather unclear sentence as meaning Klein is an eco-socialist. According to Smith, however, she is not an eco-socialist. He criticized Prof. Foster for thinking so, probably meaning thereby also that Foster was thus diluting the content of eco-socialism.
    For me, this throws up the question

What is Eco-Socialism? Who is an Eco-Socialist?

This is the title of a short text that I have today posted in my blog site

I hope you would find it interesting and would be much obliged if you forward it to your political friends and other activists and/or get it published in other political journals.

With best wishes

Saral Sarkar

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