Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

Climate Change -- Worst Case Scenarios. Can Something Be Done?


Dear friends,

a few days ago, I read a very interesting essay entitled The Uninhabitable Earth written by the American journalist David Wallace-Wells, who interviewed several top-level climate scientists – among them some who had actually discovered global warming, climate change and related facts in the 1980s and thereafter. In his essay the author summarizes what he heard from these scientists
and what he read on the subject. In it he depicts the worst-case scenarios that would become reality if the worst fears of the climate scientists come true.
    The essay has gone viral, has been read by over 2 Million people and commented on by over 400 people including myself. I think all political activists and, especially, those leaders in politics and the media who make or influence policy, should read it.
    I admire the author for writing this important text. But I also find it deficient in its concluding part, in which he only repeats the technological optimism
of scientists and engineers.
    I have today posted the links to the essay of Wallace-Wells and the text of my comment entitled Climate Change – The Worst-Case Scenarios. Can Something Be Done?

on my blog-site

I hope you too will find the post important and interesting. I would also be much obliged if you forward it to other politically interested people.

With best wishes

Saral Sarkar

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