Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2018

The Two Drivers of Ecological Collapse and the Two Tasks

Dear friends,

After I had posted my essay

For Saving the Earth We Need to Tell the Whole Truth – an eco-socialist's response to Richard Smith

in my own blogsite

and also published it in an online journal (for link, see the previous post below), a lively and critical debate/discussion ensued in a different online discussion forum. Here is the link:

    I contributed two more texts to the discussion/debate – both meant as response to some of the criticisms as well as clarification of my positions. I am now also posting them on my own blogsite, for which I have revised them slightly.
    I hope you would read them and, if you find them interesting, would request you to distribute them among your politically interested friends.

With best wishes

Saral Sarkar

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