Samstag, 28. April 2018

(1) Green Party of Germany – From Beacon of Hope to a Bog-standard Party (2) Varieties of Eco-Socialism


Dear friends,

today I want to inform you about two posts on my blogsite

Of late, eco-activists all over the world have been wondering whether attempts should be made in more countries, particularly in the developing world, e.g. in India, to form green parties. No serious discussion has taken place yet. However, just a few weeks ago, the editor of a web journal requested me to write a contribution to the discussion on the basis of my study of and experience in the Green Party of Germany. The text posted today is the result of my trying to fulfil that request. It is entitled

The Green Party of Germany – From Beacon of Hope to a Bog-standard Party

(2) An Australian scholar, Jonathan Rutherford, has drawn the attention of politically interested people to the fact that there are varieties of eco-socialism. I am posting the link to this essay on my blogsite because it compares my variety with that of John Bellamy Foster. The essay is entitled

Varieties of Eco-Socialism: Comparing the Thought of John Bellamy Foster with Saral Sarkar’s

I hope you would find both interesting and would be glad if you forward them to interested people.

With best wishes

Saral Sarkar

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